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Visiting Italy with your EV - The ultimate guide

Updated: Jul 28

Update, July 2022

This article is part of our series of EV travel hacks to drive around the world with confidence with an electric vehicle.

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Visiting Italy with an EV

With more than 1.300 km from North to South, 7.500 km of coast, and probably as many food specialties as cities, Italy has more must-see sights than you could squeeze into a lifetime. To navigate the peninsula with your EV, we gathered the best trip planning tools, our favorite EV charging apps, and all the things you need to know to travel in Italy and find places to charge your EV.

In this article:

Finding and paying for charging

Plan your itinerary

Recommended fast charging network

Find a place to stay with charging

Finding and paying for charging

Our top picks


A no-frills - all content Italian app. It is one of the most used app in Italy and for a reason. You will be able to access most of the local charging networks directly from the app or using its pendant RFID card.


The Italian charging app provides information and payment to more than 190.000 charging points in Europe. In Italy, it offers one of the best coverage and very attractive prices on most networks. The app can be clunky at times but it is a must-have to travel for an extended period in Italy. Don’t forget to order the RFID badge to make sure you can access all charging stations.


Its parent company Enel has invested a lot to become a global charging provider and this ambition reflects in the app. JuicePass is probably the only EV app that provides information and payment in Europe. North and South America.

On its home turf Italy, JuicePass offers some of the most comprehensive coverage with access and payment to most public charging stations.

On selected charging stations, the app also allows the user to reserve a charging point for a few minutes until they arrive.



With its active 1 million-strong EV driver community, well-designed app and large coverage, Chargemap is a good companion for most trips in Europe.

Credit: Chargemap
Chargemap in-car integration

The app recently received a trip planning tool making it the perfect solution to navigate the country. Compatible with Android Auto and Apple Carplay, it can be displayed directly on the dashboard on vehicles equipped with this function.

In Italy, the app is a reliable source of charging information, providing access to most networks. Keep in mind that some charging points are not compatible and it can sometimes be more costly than local players.

Shell New Motion

Shell New Motion offers one of the largest coverage in Europe with access and payment to more than 275.000 charging points.


With more than 1 million users, the PlugSurfing app is a robust tool to find charging in most European countries. The pricing model is fairly transparent with a 10% added commission on public pricing.


ChargePoint is a reliable and competitive partner all across Europe and Italy is no exception.


Plugshare boasts one of the most comprehensive charging databases in the world and provides excellent coverage in Italy. On top of detailed information about charging connectors or nearby businesses, it contains a wealth of information thanks to its large and loyal community of EV drivers. Comments, pictures, and recent check-ins from the community members will help you choose the perfect location.

The only issue; you can’t pay with it.


As its name suggests, Chargeprice helps its users compare charging tariffs across thousands of charging stations in Europe depending on your vehicle, state of charge, and roaming network operator. A must-have if you own several charging cards as the same charging session can cost from 1 to 5 depending on your operator and plan subscribed.

Things to remember

NextCharge and JuicePass should be your best bet when traveling in Italy, they provide access to most charging points of the country while offering attractive prices. If you only pass by Italy or don’t want to create yet another account, PlugSurfing, Chargemap or Chargepoint are good alternatives.

Plan your itinerary


ABRP or A Better Route Planner is probably the best EV route planning tool in Europe. It is no exception in Italy and will suit the needs of the most demanding users with lots of options and filters available to precisely plan your trip according to your need and preference. With compatible cars or via an additional dongle, ABRP will be able to read your vehicle's state of charge and adjust in real-time to your route and planned stops.


Chargemap recently added a trip planning tool and combined with direct payment at the charging station, it makes a great solution to navigate France.

Recommended fast charging networks

A few years ago, traveling with an EV in Italy would have been only for the most enthusiastic and patient early adopters given the relative lack of fast charging options.

Now the country is catching up to its Northern neighbors with the quick deployment of high-tech charging points from the international network operators.

Good to know

Always travel with at least a RFID card as many chargers, especially slow AC chargers, are not yet compatible with mobile of contactless payments.

Enel X

Enel X operates the largest public charging network in Italy, While most fast charging stations are located on the country’s service station motorway, Enel X also operates public charging networks in numerous cities but also private locations such as hotels, shopping centers, or parking garages.

This network is accessible via the operator’s charging app JuicePass and also most large charging apps via roaming.


With more than 21 charging stations available on the country’s motorway delivering up to 350kw, Ionity is a reliable option to travel in Northern Italy.

Passed Florence and you will be on your own until Naples as the operator only has 5 charging locations in the Southern half of the country.

Most payment methods are accepted, including credit cards, most charging cards, and Plug & Charge with compatible vehicles.

Note, some stations offer only a limited number of charging points with sometimes only 4, which means that can be quickly occupied during busy days.


Tesla operates more than 40 Supercharger locations well distributed all around the country. As of May 2022, Tesla Superchargers were not open to non-Tesla.

Find a place to stay with charging

Charge while you sleep. Charging at a destination is always the most convenient and often cheapest option.

With r3charge, you can book more than 13.000 EV-friendly hotels in Italy equipped with EV charging stations or located next to public charging. In one glance, find and compare accommodation options for every budget equipped with electric vehicle chargers.

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