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Introducing Apple Pay, Google Pay and Paypal wallets

Product update

We just introduced Apple Pay, Google Pay and Paypal on our checkout page.

Apple Pay and Google Pay are digital wallets from the famous tech giants. Incorporated in their respective Google Chrome and Safari browsers, they allow users to make purchases in-app, online or in-person contactless.

Faster checkout

For registered users it means that you can now book your hotel in 3 easy steps

  1. Sign-in. r3charge will pre-populate all the required fields with your customer profile information.

  2. Check your information. Verify that all information are up to date, such as contact details, name of the various guests or adding a message to the hotel if you have a specific request.

  3. Tap the pay button. Depending if you are on a mobile device or desktop, the system will for a fingerprint identification and simply ask you to validate the payment

Boom, you're all set.

You can now booking your next stay in literally 3 taps!

You wish paying for charging was that easy!

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