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A selection of EV road trips by and for the r3charge community

A weekend getaway from Munich to Lake Lucerne in Switzerland with an EV

EV enthusiast Simon from the TikTok Channel e_car_tok and his brother set out on a 400km road trip from Munich to the Campus Hotel Hertenstein at Lake Lucerne in an electric vehicle.

The electric vehicle of choice for the trip

The duo chose a Polestar 2 Standard Range as their EV for the trip. It offers a theoretical 478km of range and 231PS. With all the creature comforts needed on board, this is the perfect cruiser for the cross-border drive.

A great highway cruiser: the Polestar 2

The trip from Munich to Lake Lucerne

Simon and his brother left their home with a full battery and started the 400km journey on the Autobahn A96 heading towards Lake Constance (Bodensee). Cruising at a speed between 110 and 130 km/h the consumption of the Polestar 2 was at its optimum and they were getting along nicely while planning only one quick stop to charge as they had booked a hotel equipped with chargers.

Just before crossing into Switzerland the brothers had to stop to buy a so-called vignette for CHF 40 so they could legally drive on Swiss highways. A vignette is a sticker that you put in your car’s window and it allows you to use Swiss highways for the whole calendar year.

Stunning scenery in the Swiss mountains

The next challenge was to find a charging station to quickly charge up a few percent to comfortably make it to the hotel. An Ionity station was Simon's choice and after a 25min stop, they continued their journey into scenic Switzerland. Highways alongside stunning lakes led them to reach their final destination: the 4-star Campus Hotel Hertenstein directly located at the shores of Lake Lucerne.

Charging at the hotel and enjoying the view

By booking the hotel for their weekend trip through r3charge Simon made sure that the hotel has a suitable charging infrastructure so that they did not have to worry about charging elsewhere. When arriving at the hotel they were directed into the underground parking garage which had 11 charging points and made it easy to find a spot. After plugging the Polestar 2 in, the brothers were able to fully relax at the beautiful facilities of the hotel as they knew the car would be fully charged the next morning.

The Campus Hotel Hertenstein - nice views and great EV charging options

The hotel with its location on the shores of Lake Lucerne is the perfect place for a swim, relaxing in the sun, and enjoying a pizza from the restaurant on the balcony of the lake view room. This is exactly what Simon and his brother did.

Room views of Lake Lucerne at the Campus Hotel Hertenstein

The next day started with a delicious breakfast at the terrace of the hotel while taking in the views one last time before jumping into the fully charged Polestar and making their way home to Munich with a few stop-offs at beautiful spots in the nearby area.

Overall the brother pair enjoyed their short but sweet weekend getaway from their hometown Munich to Lake Lucerne very much. Doing the drive in an EV was easy, comfortable, and affordable thanks to charging at the hotel instead of time-consuming and costly charging stations along the way.

The route

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