It's the journey that matters,
not the destination.

We believe that traveling with an electric vehicle should not be more complicated than travelling with a regular car and thus want to transform every stop into an opportunity to discover and experience something unique.

Enjoy a selection of road trips build by and for our EV travelers community.

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A selection of road trips by and for the r3charge community

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A selection of road trips around the world, with an EV twist

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3 hours to go from the top of a Swiss mountain to a beach bar overlooking the Mediteranean.

We call this exotic

Image by Hristina Šatalova


The appeal of the great oudoor combined with the intense culture the giant metropolis

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From New Zealand glaciers to Cambodia's jungle, discover the 1000s of culture from the Paficic region



Explore the world beyond the beaten path



Beautiful road trips around trips around world from the r3charge community

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EV 101

What is DC, what are the different connectors?

We answer all your questions here

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EV Travel guide

Going to Southern Italy next week?

We tell you all you need to know to visit a country with your EV

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Our new series presenting some of the most epic drives, with an EV twist


New product, new features and our vistion of the industry


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r3charge is the first hotel reservation website that helps travelers with electric vehicles to find the perfect accommodation.

We want to transform every stop into the opportunity to discover and experience something unique. A trip in the Alps, a conference in Portland or two weeks holiday in the South of France, we ve got you covered.